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Guestbook feature


Released to the platform this week is the guestbook feature that many have been asking for. This allows users to leave feedback on people they know and help build trust. It also helps to spot the genu... Read more

Get the stats for all your sites combined


Greetings webmasters, We've made a few changes in the last week to Sites Instantly based on your requests. You can now view aggregated stats for all your sites by selecting the option "All" from t... Read more

New look and new features for Sites Instantly


Welcome to the new improved version of Sites Instantly. We've tried to gather together all of the tools you will need to monitor and promote your site in one place. Please go to the MySites sect... Read more

New look being trialed for 24hrs


We are trialling a new site look for 24hrs. We would love to know what you think about this, which bits you like and which bits you don't. Simply use the contact us form in the helpdesk to drop us a l... Read more

Webcams contacts on-line NOW!!!


Take advantage of our new webcams contacts launch available to all our affiliates. This is a major revenue earner for all affiliates. Read more