A bit about your new platform...

It’s easy to use. It’s adaptable. It’s proven. It’s responsive. It’s accurate. It’s secure. It’s accessible. It’s finely tuned. It’s awesome.

We provide a complete online dating solution... leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

Quick and Easy Setup

Building your site couldn’t be easier with our quick and easy site builder. You simply provide a domain, select your niche and apply your branding - and we instantly generate a fully responsive site using one of our tried and tested, high converting templates.

Established, Varied Databases

Our comprehensive and ever expanding range of niche databases means that your dating site can deliver on its promises. We can also create custom niches specifically for your brands if they don’t already exist..

Dedicated Professional Assistance

When you join Hubpeople you aren’t just joining an awesome platform... you’re becoming part of an awesome team. You’ll be assigned a Partner Manager who will be able to assist and advise you at every stage of the process, from building your site to branding advice, generating traffic and maximizing the value of your members.

Outstanding member support

Our UK based Customer Service team handle every aspect of keeping your members satisfied - from taking payments and dealing with billing enquiries, to offering advice on how to use the site and get the most from their membership. We provide your members with a level of customer service that is unmatched within the industry.

Flexible Billing Solutions

We have excellent, established relationships with multiple payment processors meaning that when your member wants to convert, they wont have a problem - no matter where they are, what currency they want to pay in, or what card they have in their wallet.

50% Rev Share for life

We offer a 50% share of the revenue that any of your members generate for LIFE. Combined with our high retention rates and multiple revenue streams, this means that growing your sites into a long term high income generating business has never been easier.

Comprehensive Stats and Reports

We know how crucial it is to be able to monitor the quality of your traffic - that’s why we offer comprehensive tracking and reporting tools, so that you can keep on top of your traffic and in control of your ROI.