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New Responsive Design: Webmaster FAQs


responsive design

Here's a list of our commonly asked questions regarding our new responsive design. 


Do I have to have to do anything?

Technically no. 

We will use your existing logo and colours from your existing site, however we strongly suggest that you update your logo. The new size is smaller, so text may become less visible at the new size. Also the new scheme uses 2 colours not 5, so it is worth checking that the 2 we have imported from your settings are the ones you want.


What will customers see?

Upon login, users will see a screen prompting them to select the version of the site that they want (the new Responsive design or the "Vintage" site). They will have the option to choose and also not to be asked again. 


What will we tell customers?

We will send communication to your members on how to get the best from the new design and how to find the content that they are used to. 

The basic navigation principle is similar to devices like the iPad, one central homepage with access to all the old sites content from there. There are also text links in the footer of each page to provide quick navigation, which older site users will be familiar with.


What do customers think of the new version?

Check out our recent article Stats on our new responsive platform to find out more.


Do customers have to use the new version of the site?

No. Existing customers will have a choice of site versions for the foreseeable future. 

They will have a choice at login and can opt "Do not ask me again" if they are happy with their choice.

New members registering will get the new version of the site only.


How long will you support the "Vintage" version of the site?

We expect that there will be a gradual migration to the new platform over time, at which point the "Vintage" site will likely be retired. This may take months or years depending on user behaviour.


Will you release new features on both versions of the site?

Generally no, with the exception of bug fixes. All future features will be released on the responsive platform only.



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