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Release of Our New Responsive Platform


responsive platform

Great News, we have rolled out the new version of the site which has been fully rebuilt using the latest Responsive design. This means that the site works equally well whether on a mobile, tablet or desktop web. 

We have been testing the new design for months, so for an overview of some of the feature and performance benefits, and some screenshots, see our recent news article.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure that you check the following:


Action recommended

Updating your logo and colour choices on the Hubpeople site is optional but we strongly suggest at least previewing your site before the go live date.


Preview your site

Login and select your site from the My Sites dropdown. Choose Site Design. Click the Show Responsive tab.

Preview your live site by clicking on the link "This is how your site looks". 

If you are happy with the appearance then you do not need to do anything more.


If you want to update the logo

Create your logo with dimensions 28px high and up to 175px wide. This will work on all devices.

Click Choose File and select the file to upload.

Once done, click Upload Logo



If you want to update the colours

Got to Step 3., Option B, Colour Picker

Confirm your colour choice. You can use Test Colours* to see a sample page. When happy click Save Colours.

*Please note that the preview may not have your latest logo file on the sample page added however it will be visible on the live site.

Find out more by reading our Webmaster FAQs article.


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