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Stats on our new responsive platform


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About a month ago we began rolling out the new version of our community dating platform, completely redesigned in HTML 5 to suit all internet devices whether they be mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers. For mobile devices, the new platform offers the benefits of all the features of the desktop site rather than a cut down list of features for mobile. It also runs on any device, is fully branded and does not require a cumbersome app install on the users device.


As we continue to roll it out with all our white label partners I thought I'd share some of the stats we've been collecting on the performance of the new platform over the last month where it's deployed. 

  • Users upgrading to paid membership +97.6% 
  • User Login frequency  +28.1%
  • Pages per visit  +8.4%
  • Private messages sent  +108.9%

We're overjoyed with the results of this year long project to update our platform. It looks great, especially on an iPad and is very simple to use. We've had a singular focus on getting the user experience right. Survey feedback from thousands of users really helped us the focus the energy on the right mixture of features for the site. We've tried to make meeting people online more fun, rewarding and interactive than other sites and less like shopping for a second hand car.


The results do show that if you can deliver a great product people are more than happy to reward you. We're continuing to invest in the platform and have more exciting features planned in the coming months. 

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