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(1)The Hubpeople Guide to Setting up and Running Your Own Dating Website - The Set Up


Welcome to the Hubpeople’s guide to setting up and running a dating website with our platform. Our articles will act as a ‘how to’ guide for our new and established web partners.

We’re using a brand new dating website called as our example dating site, and we’re posting the whole step-by-step process on the Hubpeople website for our web partners to follow. In the articles we will be providing practical advice on digital marketing from the perspective of a new partner joining us, and blogging about the whole process too: so anything we learn, you will too.

Every week we will be blogging about any methods that we try out on such as search engine optimization techniques, social media marketing, initial website design, analytics, and online public relations to name a few.

Below you will find the first in our series of articles - an 11 step guide to setting up a Wordpress dating website with us.

You have several options in terms of set-up. We offer a fully hosted package that you can use to create your website with for free, or you can choose to host your own website (using your own domain), and build your website using HTML or Wordpress.

For this tutorial we will look at building a website using the Hubpeople Wordpress theme, but you can also use it as a handy guide to setting up any type of dating website with us that you like.



Step 1


Step 1

Visit the set up wizard  to start creating your site.

Click the ‘Choose Front Page’ button.





Step 2

Choose the type of website you want to use. There are several points to be aware of here.

Firstly, if you are using a Wordpress template, then we already have a specific design that you can customize, so really, what you pick here doesn’t matter. The only part that will really matter is your choice of either a ‘casual’ dating site, or an ‘adult’ dating site, because this will determine your member database.

Remember, any changes that you make here can be changed later on, so don’t worry too much if you’re not too sure at this stage. We have chosen Sea Breeze, Casual.




Step 3

Don't worry about selecting the 'Old Version' of the site. Always select the 'New Responsive Version'. You can upload your own logo using the dimensions 28 pixels high and any length. This may seem small to you but we promise it's fine on the inside of your site.

Once done, click the ‘I am happy with my logo’ button in the bottom right hand side of the screen.





Step 4

step 4Choose some colors, but don’t worry about getting everything perfect. You will come back to this stage later on.

Click the ‘I am happy with my colors’ button in the bottom right hand side of the screen.



Step 5

Choose your hosting options. We can host your website for you . In this instance you will end up with a .d8u domain.

The other option is to use your own domain and hosting.

Hosting and domains can be purchased cheaply. You will only have to host the front of the site, meaning your main database of members will be hosted by us, keeping your costs down.

Enter your choice and hit ‘Create my Site’.



Step 6

step6Enter your account information. Make sure that you view our terms and conditions before you complete this section.

Your bank details are optional at this stage, but you need to be aware that if you don’t ever provide any bank details, then we won’t be able to make a payment to you.

Click ‘Save and Complete’.




Step 7

step 7You have now arrived at your account dashboard.

At the top you will find your account, help section, and new site set up tab. With our system you can create a number of sites at any one time.

You can also use our affiliate and banner system.

Our affiliate system means that you will receive 10% (for life) of anything that a person who sets up a dating site with us makes.

With our banner system you will earn 20% commission from any member who signs up as a result of your advertisement. Below is a quick overview of your dashboard tabs:



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